For years, the isolated settlement of Jiyutoshi on the edge of the savage Wildlands has called to those with a rogue streak of independence, entrepreneurship, and a taste for adventure.

But recently, the exports from Jiyutoshi have begun to decline in volume. Messengers are not arriving either at or from the Free City with the regularity they used to. Rumors and stories have begun to circulate of caravans traveling to and from the city being attacked by strange beasts, with some caravans disappearing entirely. These rumors, disregarded by most as the ravings of mad men or sowers of discontent, have caused a migration of two types of people to Jiyutoshi: ambitious individuals who seek to capitalize on the sudden and strange instability, and those who would seek to help the Mistress of Jiyutoshi, Lady Kyoko stabilize the city.

The Free City

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