Jiyutoshi, High Town


In all the ways Low Town can be described as favoring function, High Town favors form. Every detail of this small but powerful portion of the city is curated to meet the standards of the meticulous citizens who live and work there. Streets are swept and refuse-free, public gardens and green spaces are tended with loving care, buildings show little sign of weathering, ornate lamps are lit every sundown, and extra guards patrol the area. While it is not technically “illegal” for people from Low Town to be there, citizens of High Town have reached an unspoken agreement with the city law enforcement for them to “bounce the undesirables.”

Beyond the fancier appearance, the variety of shops and businesses reflect the difference in attitude as well. Tack & Saddle shops, blacksmiths, armorers and pawn shops are replaced with cartographers, book sellers, art dealers, fancy cafes and even an arcane supply shop or two.


Jiyutoshi, High Town

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