Jiyutoshi, The Free City

Origin: Located deep in the western wildlands on the continent of Lahkmuani, Jiyutoshi (commonly referred to as "The Free City") is a city with an independent streak.  It started merely as a frontier post that served as the final staging point for anyone venturing further west into the untamed Wildlands.  Over time, however, as the richness of the resources around Jiyutoshi began to be discovered, the city experienced a massive population boom.   Rich in massive iron ore deposits, the strength of Jiyutoshi's economy is it's exporting of iron goods that are forged at the massive foundry that was constructed at the center of town.  

History: Due to its wealth of ore and its distance from the capitol city, Mah'puana, Jiyutoshi while still technically ruled by the Capitol, doesn’t consider itself really to be a part of the Kingdom.  There is a rogue spirit of independence in Jiyutoshi, and they tend to be more accepting of those typically deemed “outsiders” in the more “civilized” cities.  It was a very rowdy and unlawful town for most of its history, earning its nickname “The Free City.”  The nickname stuck even after Lady Kyoko arrived with her elite warriors, initially just working as hired muscle for the mining companies, helping protect from the beast in the Wildlands and raiders seeking to steal Jiyutoshi’s exports.  Eventually, her charismatic leadership and fast results garnered her an official position in the ruling administration, and it wasn’t long before the city was given over to her to govern.  Upon taking charge, she gave the city the structure it so desperately needed…she set up their currency, cracked down on violent crime, expanded the forge, created jobs for almost any citizen who wanted one, fortified the city walls and protected caravans bringing food and provisions that were travelling through the Wildlands to and from Jiyutoshi.  

Races: Mostly human, but other goodly races are welcome and not uncommon.  The average citizen is decently friendly and not overly suspicious, and tends to have very high opinions of Lady Kyoko.

Architecture:  Pagoda style, multi-leveled buildings.  Due to its proximity to the Wildlands, most buildings are made of timber, but, due to the existence of the forge and plentiful iron, the Timber is often reinforced and gilded with elaborate iron workings.  The city is built on a hill with the largest buildings, including the largest forge on the continent and Lady Kyoko’s keep, sitting on top.  The city spreads downward like an egg was cracked on top of the hill, creating 2 general sections: High Town (higher up the hill towards the center of town) and Low Town (ringing the city towards the bottom of the hill).  

Banner & Words: Their words are “ignis, et ferrum” which means “Fire and Iron”, laying all the strength on their natural resources and their forge. Their banner is a Hammer on a Red and Sable field and an Argent bend.

Economy:  When Lady Kyoko arrived with her soldiers and began leading the town’s mining industry and expanded the forge, the economy of Jiyutoshi exploded, and they boast that they sit on the largest iron ore deposits ever discovered.  They have become renowned for their ability to craft fine steel and metal items, unrivaled on the continent.  The bulk of their economy is thusly based on all the elements surrounding the mining, refining, and smithing of Iron.   

Population: 73,973 Adults

Size: 414.90 Acres

Population Density (Adults/Acre): 178.29 Adults/Acre

Races: Human (57,703); Halfling (6,657); Elf (3,698); Dwarf (2,219); Gnome (1,479); Half Elf (739); Half Orc (739); Other (739)

Jiyutoshi, The Free City

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